AnnoTree is a web tool for visualization of genome annotations across large phylogenetic trees. AnnoTree version 1.2 includes KEGG, Pfam and Tigrfam annotations for over 30,000 bacterial and 1600 archaeal genomes. Phylogenetic and taxonomy information is derived from the GTDB database (Release R95).

AnnoTree beta version, featuring the new database ( GTDB R214, released in May 2023) with expanding annotations (KEGG and InterPro member databases), is now available at AnnoTree Beta.
We welcome all feedback and please contact us if you encounter any bugs, thank you!


Painted phylogenies in three steps

(1) Highlight taxonomies of interest with the annotation or taxonomy search option; (2) Zoom to any level of detail; (3) Download a publication-quality SVG or a NEWICK file.

Reductive Dehalogenase
Summary distribution of reductive dehalogenase

A concise view of taxonomic distribution

Instantly summarize the taxonomic distribution of Pfam protein domains, KEGG orthologs, or TIGRFAM families across all phylogenetic levels.

Details, down to the last residue

Examine and download every annotation confidence score and protein sequence directly from the interface.

Download CSV through pop up
Orders annoted by phylum bands

Taxonomic annotations

Automatically add taxonomic labels to your trees at any taxonomic level.

Cite us

Mendler K, Chen H, Parks DH, Hug LA, Doxey AC. (2019) AnnoTree: visualization and exploration of a functionally annotated microbial tree of life. Nucleic Acids Research 47:4442-4448. doi:


AnnoTree is developed by the Doxey Lab at the University of Waterloo.

  • Han Chen (core developer)
  • Kerrin Mendler (core developer)
  • Huagang Tan (core developer)
  • Briallen Lobb (tool design)
  • Donovan Parks (GTDB genomic data and TOL)
  • Laura Hug (phylogenomics, case studies, TOL)
  • Andrew Doxey (tool conception/design)